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    Clients are saying...

    When thinking about doing a web site, my first concern was "How will anybody be able to get the personal touch that we want for our business?" I figured we'd have to have somebody in our home for hours to understand what we do!
    She's incredible.

    Nancy Smith- Partner
    SmithsDogLodge, Colorado

    "Susan has been wonderful to work with, she is very creative and patient with those of us who are technically challenged. Creating and maintaining our website would be a lot less pleasant without her."

    Kim Summers, Assistant City Manager
    City of Hesperia, California

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    I'll work with you to create your website architecture and Internet marketing plan, public relations and website promotion. I will create your new or revised website design and follow through the approval and building process. I have extensive experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, InDesign, PhotoShop, Fireworks, Flash. I enjoy developing strategies to launch new web projects or revamp existing based within your budget, abilities and marketing goals.

    In addition to researching venues to promote client sites within your peer group, I can also assist you in giving prestige to the site as well as secure additional free publicity for the website. This is done through developing customized solutions that merge technologies, philosophies and departments to single effort without having to completely rewrite an entire web site.

    Spring Cleaning:
    Too many hands in your web site? Has it gotten a bit out of control? Fonts not matching? Dirty code? Let me clean house for you! This is one of my strengths. I truly like it all to match up, line up and have it all flow cleanly. You are welcome to take the "keys" back when I'm done or continue to have me help you maintain the site regularly.

    Other Programming Languages:
    By the hour or by the project, we offer skills in:

    Depending on the needs of your specific project our team may integrate the following database technologies:

    Blogs and Feeds
    I'll help you get the word out for a modest budget using many free or inexpensive tools without losing the personality of your webiste. With blogs and feeds you'll have the ability to add your own content without messing up the site and without all of the drama and expense of a full-fledged content management system. see WHAT IS A BLOG.