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    Clients are saying...

    "Susan has been wonderful to work with, she is very creative and patient with those of us who are technically challenged. Creating and maintaining our website would be a lot less pleasant without her."

    Kim Summers, Assistant City Manager
    City of Hesperia, California

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    Creating customized online videos and classes for specific software and project promotion implementation is another service offered, as well as creating training manuals for the most basic of users.

    Custom training classes can be created and recorded for specific software and web site maintenance to save the hourly rate to repeat one-on-one classes with me. This also helps to eliminate the need to coordinate training sessions, rooms and attendees. Students can login and take the classes created just for their company.

    An optional training or consulting service is to spend time explaining what some of your more "technical" staff or suppliers may be tossing your way. You may need a way to understand, in plain terms, enabling you to better explain to those you answer to. I can walk through a lot of the geek speak and current trends.