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    When thinking about doing a web site, my first concern was "How will anybody be able to get the personal touch that we want for our business?" I figured we'd have to have somebody in our home for hours to understand what we do!
    She's incredible.

    Nancy Smith- Partner
    SmithsDogLodge, Colorado


    A good photograph can replace an entire paragraph of type and convey your message clearer.

    Keep your message direct and simple and limited to one message per ad.



    I'll work with you to create your website architecture and Internet marketing plan, public relations and website promotion. I will create your new or revised website design and follow through the approval and building process. I have extensive experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, InDesign, PhotoShop, Fireworks, Flash. I enjoy developing strategies to launch new web projects or revamp existing based within your budget, abilities and marketing goals.

    Blogs and Feeds
    Blogs are just a simple content management website. Something you can be taught to maintain or I can do it for you. Blog content rises higher in search engine rankings. It's almost viewed as "breaking news" and pushes ahead the more you post useful items. I can help you either convert your existing site or enhance the content with blog postings that can feed right into your existing website.

    Feeds are text files created from blogs and certain types of websites. They are pushed out as text to the search engines, including links to your content and help add to your visibility.

    Spring Cleaning
    How many people have worked on your website? When was the last time it was updated? How's your copyright date? Are those still all of your employees? Are you still at that location? Is your site.... well.... nostalgic in it's layout. It may be time to just clean up old remnants of code, speed up your site and declutter. I can help you. It's one of my favorite services.

    Other Programming Languages
    By the hour or by the project, we offer skills in:

    Depending on the needs of your specific project our team may integrate the following database technologies:

    I offer online training courses for various tasks or can create a library of courses for you or your team on computer tasks you do frequently that may be unique to your business or industry.

    Other Services

    Consulting Services

    Marketing Strategies

    Social Marketing Strategies

    Project Management

    Special Events Planning, Organization and Follow-up.

    Brochures/Identity Packages/Logo Development

    PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation

    Product and Conceptual Photography