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    Gary Goldhammer, Partner
    MarcomInteractive, California


    What can people read from 200 feet away? That's all that should be on a banner.

    Your logo, a simple image and an attractive design so they can find your booth. Once they are at your booth, it's up to you to reel them in!



    Choose your theme for an event and stick with it. Carry it through all materials:

    postcards, signage, table decor, welcome table, web site materials, follow up materials and videos.











    FONT TIP :

    Just because you have 350 fonts, there is no need to show them all off.

    Choose up to TWO fonts, plus the bold and italicized version of them and that's it for your materials.

    You don't want your audience distracted by your fonts and miss your message.































    Just because you know how to "do PowerPoint" - doesn't mean you know how to create an effective, tasteful presentation.

    Pick ONE slide transition and stick to it.

    Same font rules apply as noted above - choose your headline font and a body font and stick to it.





    Full logo package to be used for trade shows, advertising in print and online.
    Client wanted a simple graphic element to depict their company's focus to work with your company behind the scenes and giving added support and strength to internal IT departments. Client didn't want any clutter; and a clean, easy to read logo if used in a display booth. Simple mark was requested that can be used throughout all marketing materials.


    Full logo package to be used for trade shows, advertising in print and online.
    Feeling of a clean, high-end home without clutter and very simple lines.

    Two hour deadline on a 3' x 8' banner. Client was quite happy with design and deadline met. Not always possible to make a short turn-around, but when everyone is available for quick approvals and version review and refinement, it can be done.


    These printed materials were for SmileCare. They had an inaugural symposium and needed sponsorship packages, on-site signage and event program, as well as reminder mailings. You'll see the first year's materials below this year's.

    This is the second year for this event. It was even a larger success than last year. The theme was to show the faces of SmileCare that make each office successful.

    A professional photographer spent several days in three offices shooting the faces of key staff, speakers, etc. for this event. This same team also put together a fabulous video to carry the theme through.

    Postcards were sent out to all of the dentists who would be attending the symposium, as well as staff. It was a quick way to get the message out for them to visit the event web site. It also told them the theme ahead of time. The cards were a success. They all enjoyed getting a colorful piece for an event they were all looking forward to.


    Next, it was time to get sponsors, entertainment and other materials for the actual event.

    A sponsorship brochure was sent out to all suppliers, following an eblast sending them to the event web site. The web site had the same sponsorship information and an interest form.


    outside cover
    This was the program for the event. It included the schedule, speaker info and sponsor logos.

    It was produced at 11 x 17 folded.

    A series of posters were created to carry through the theme of "Building a Future Together." They were printed at 24 x 48 and set around the conference room.

    The posters added color and drove home simple messages that the dentists had given in an online survey as the most important task they do.

    Photography was done by Thomas Finch.


    Mobile Marketing Association

    link to power point presentation


    • Organization holding second annual awards ceremony.
    • Needed to incorporate media from several sources in many formats to insert into the presentation.
    • Client provided all materials and copy.
    • Custom design and graphics created to go with the event brochure.
    Imagine the Possibilities:
    Kay Hunter - Image Consultant

    • Client wanted to add to her presentation. Her audience is getting younger with a shorter attention span. She needed to jazz it up.
    • Created a presentation shell for client.
    • Created a higher-end presentation to keep her looking current - even to the 20 and 30 year-olds learning business etiquette and image tips
    • Shot some of the images for the presentation in-house to get the exact message client was looking for.