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    Gary Goldhammer, Partner
    MarcomInteractive, California



    When using logos and images, make sure they are high resolution so ensure they display clearly on a large scale.

    Better to go too high-res than fuzzy-capture-from-a- website-good-enough.


    PARTIAL "NOT available for view" PORTFOLIO

    Online testing/training systems 
    CareMeridian health care with tracking and instant issuing of personalized certificates upon successful passing grade for each online course.

    YMCA, CA - with tracking for viewing history by course and user.

    Online patient enrollment system
    SmileCare needed a form that fed directly into their membership/accounting databases.

    Software training courses for various levels of users:
    This had saved client staff time going over the same items over and over. This has also simplified training for new staff members/editors. Before, client had to schedule an in-person, live class with projector. Now, when a new user/editor signs up, they are sent links for online training courses. Remotely controlled and presented classes are offered for advanced user workshops.



    Mobile Marketing Association

    • Organization holding second annual awards ceremony.
    • Needed to incorporate media from several sources in many formats to insert into the presentation.
    • Client provided all materials and copy.
    • Custom design and graphics created to go with the event brochure.


    Imagine the Possibilities:
    • Client wanted to add to her presentation. Her audience is getting younger with a shorter attention span. She needed to jazz it up.
    • Created a presentation shell for client.
    • Created a higher-end presentation to keep her looking current - even to the 20 and 30 year-olds learning business etiquette and image tips
    • Some images were shot exclusively for this presentation in-house to convey the exact message client was looking for.